Unlocking resilience in Belgium and Europe through climate and environment risk assessments

This event heralds the inauguration of the Climate and Environmental Risk Assessment Centre (CERAC) as part of the Belgian Presidency of the European Union. Ideas from the first European Climate Risk Assessment (Eucra) will be shared with the wider community.

Monday 22 April

Resilience in Belgium and Europe

The event will draw on the publication of the European Climate Risk Assessment (EUCRA) report, emphasizing its role in guiding EU member states and Belgium towards enhanced resilience and safety.

In the context of the Belgian presidency priority on adaptation and results of the EUCRA, the event will inaugurate the Belgium Climate and Environment Risk Assessment Center (Cerac), a newly established independent federal center. After several months of preparations this event will mark the beginning of Cerac’s crucial work in providing studies, national risk assessments and recommendations for Belgian policymakers.

The event also aims to actively engage with other risk assessment centers across Europe, addressing shared challenges and opportunities.

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