Sustainable Public lighting: insights from COMSSA partners and strategies for scaling up


Adequate and well-designed street lighting has several advantadges for a city. Not only does it promote safety, it also improves road visibility and contributes significantly to energy access and climate change mitigation. Efficient lighting and energy use can reduce emissions, secure energy supply, and pave the way for a sustainable future.

However, many cities in SSA face challenges in effectively transitioning from the planning and pilot phase to successfully implementing large scale projects.

As such, this session will bring together experts and policy-makers to share experiences, best practices, and recommandations to implement impacting projects.

Organised by:


  • Lamine Mbassa, Mayor Avisor, Douala Urban Community
  • Yaouba Abdoulbagui , Director of Technical Services Techniques, Garoua Urban Community
  • Barnabé Aristide Eloundou, Head of Water Services and Public Lighting, Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development (MINDDEVEL)

Chrystelle Indjike, Deputy Director of Development and Embellishment Operations, MINDHU

  • Barnabé Aristide Eloundou, Head of Water and Street Lighting, Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development (MINDEVEL)

Arnaud Allix, Director, Omexom

  • Melat Menguesha, Investment Director, Meridiam

This session is moderated by:

  • Silvia Puddu, CoMSSA/AFD
  • Mireille Atangana, CoMSSA /GIZ
  • Stéphane Redon, Consultant, AFD