Climate Chance Summit Africa 2020

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Climate Chance Association

Climate Chance is the only international organisation that aims to bring together all the non-state actors recognized by the UN (the 9 groups of actors: local authorities, companies, NGOs, trade unions, scientific community, agricultural, youth, indigenous peoples and women organisations), to develop common priorities and proposals and to strengthen stakeholders dynamics through networking (thematic coalitions, summits, portal of climate action). The Climate Chance association supports the central role of local climate action and the inseparable link between the climate agenda and the sustainables development goals.


ICLEI Africa

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is the world’s leading association of cities and local governments dedicated to sustainable development. ICLEI is a diverse, robust, global organization with a long history, myriad  accomplishments and profound ambitions.
But at its core, ICLEI’s primary focus throughout its history – in every initiative  across five continents – has been the same: sustainable cities.

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City of Kigali

Nestled on many hills, the Rwandan capital that will host the Climate Chance Summit 2020 is populated by one million people and is particularly known for being the cleanest city in Africa. Indeed, the country’s economic and cultural center has, since 2008, implemented a policy to ban non-biodegradable packaging and plastic bags. On the other hand, car use is severely restricted in the city centre, which is largely pedestrianised. Finally, Rwanda is known throughout the world for « Umuganda », a national day of general interest enshrined in the Constitution which takes place every last Saturday of the month and on which the inhabitants are obliged to participate in cleaning up the city and improving public spaces in general.

Partners of the Summit

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