[2022] Access to Climate Finance in Africa

13/01/2022: A diverse panel of actors share their expertise and experiences on access to climate finance.

What is an eMag?

Climate Chance is launching in the first half of 2022 the eMags of Climate Action in Africa, a new monthly virtual format for disseminating and sharing information dedicated to Climate Chance’s sectoral coalitions.

The objective? To highlight remarkable climate practices in Africa and to present an overview of the major issues and trends in climate action on the continent, for each major sector.

First eMag of 2022: Access to climate finance in Africa

Following a COP26 in Glasgow that was deemed disappointing, particularly in terms of ambition, access to financing for developing countries and the issue of loss and damage, the current state of access to financing for African non-state actors remains very critical.

Africa is on the front line of climate change impacts – from droughts to severe and recurrent floods – and adaptation requires significant financial resources that reach actors on the ground who are already carrying out climate projects and initiatives, but lack the means to scale up.

In this first eMag of 2022, Climate Chance offers you the opportunity to listen and discover feedbacks from the field on the « what and how » of climate finance in order to better understand the requirements of donors.

Watch the full recording of the session here:

eMag #1 Speakers:


Anne Barre, Gender and Climate Policy Coordinator at WECF (Women Engage for a Common Future)

  • Since 2021, WECF has been organising training sessions on climate finance, particularly in terms of gender sensitivity. Anne Barre will present this training, which reviews the funds available to small organisations and helps them to prepare applications that meet the requirements of donors.

Ayodélé Ognin, Consultant at Wurami Consulting and Founder of Women’s Impact Network (WIN)

  • After three years of research, the WIN was able to receive its first funding in 2021. Ayodélé Ognin will share her experience of seeking funding for a project taking place in several regions of Benin.

Fernand Yapi, Focal Point of the Sustainable development committee at the city of Cocody

  • Through the process of seeking financing from the Cocody City Council, Fernand Yapi presents the different steps facilitating access to climate financing as well as the difficulties encountered.