[2022] Education and Training on Climate Change

19/05/2022 : In collaboration with Afrik 21, learn more about best practices in the education and training sector to mobilise diverse publics for environmental protection in Africa.

As non-state actors are close to the populations, they have a central role to play in informing, educating and training local actors on the issues related to climate change. By this way, they can boost concrete action and public policies for the preservation of the environment and biodiversity. How can non-state actors mobilize different publics around environmental issues through education and training?

Special news segment on “climate action in Africa” featuring:

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Jean Marie Takouleu, Editor-in-chief, Afrik21

  • The role of the media in informing and educating people about sustainable development.

Berthe Adjagboni-Tehou, Development Manager of Benin – Ivory Coast – Togo Mission (BECITO), Aide et Action International

  • News: Presentation of the project « Action for Citizenship by and for All Children through Education » in Africa (ACTE AFRICA) supported by Aide & Action in five countries.

Pierre Chaillan, Manager International/European relations, City of Marseille

  • Decentralised cooperation: Presentation of the project of international youth volunteers exchanges with the  cities partners of the city of Marseille.

Stella Noumi, Head of Operational Development and Research, AKEWA Accelerator

  • Best practice: Presentation of the EDUC project, a project for education on sustainable development, climate change and eco-citizen actions in schools in Gabon.

Elina Lugbull, Vice-president of Lex Climatica

  • Best practice: Presentation of the Lex Climatica project to train professionals and young people on climate and environmental issues.

For more information on the Education and Training on Climate Change in Africa Coalition:

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