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[2023] Sustainable Mobility and Transport

On Thursday 25 May at 3:00 PM (CEST), join us for the eMag #5 with Afrik 21 on sustainable mobility and transport in Africa.

eMag #5 : What is the place of electric mobility in sustainable transport systems in Africa?

In Africa, the implementation of sustainable and inclusive development models in the transport sector is essential for an effective transition adapted to African territories. In a context of growing demographics and urbanization where access to energy remains a central issue, the rise of electro-mobility creates opportunities but also raises several challenges.

Are electro-mobilities adapted to African contexts? How can they be made more accessible and inclusive?

The objective of this eMag is to expose the obstacles and highlight the solutions provided by electric mobility to accelerate the low-carbon transition of transport systems in Africa in an inclusive manner.

eMag organised in partnership with the media

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Programme and speakers

🔍 The Observatory’s Lens

  • MĂ©laine Assè Wassa Sama, Climate Action Project Officer in Africa, Climate Chance : Introductory remarks on the collaboration between the Observatory of Climate Action in Africa and the Cities Mobilities Transport Laboratory.
  • Yao Tsoekeo Amedokpo, Research Officer, Cities, Mobilities and Transport Laboratory, Ecole des ponts ParisTech – ENPC : Presentation of the analysis note « Should Africa Head Towards Electric Mobility? ».

Special segment by Afrik 21

  • Benoit-Ivan Wansi, Journalist, Afrik 21 : Deciphering the latest news on finance and initiatives related to the electromobility in Africa.

Are electro-mobilities adapted to African contexts? How can they be made more accessible and inclusive?

  • Shantha Bloemen, Managing Director, Mobility for Africa : Promoting access to sustainable electric mobility in rural areas to empower women.

Read the case study on Mobility for Africa here.

  • Shaukatali Hussein, Founder, Tanzania Open Innovation Organisation: Humanitarian innovation for inclusive emobility

Read the Best Practice Prefiguration of a Mobility Factory on the African continent

This eMag is moderated by:

  • Dominique Breuil, Board Member, CODATU
  • MarĂ­a Lucini Piazza, Events and Coalitions Intern, Climate Chance