Climate Chance Summit Europe 2022

Building Materials

Virtual Workshop – Building Materials

This session will be a broadcast of a workshop held in Nice, organised by the Global Alliance of Buildings and Construction (GABC) during their General Assembly.

An area the size of Paris is built every week, and that of Japan every year, as the world is going through a phase of massive construction. Given the considerable carbon footprint of the buildings and construction sector, which is responsible for 37% of energy-related CO2 emissions and 36% of global final energy consumption (GlobalABC, 2021), halving emissions by 2030 cannot be achieved without reducing emissions from the built environment. Timely action is needed to address the environmental impacts of the production of building materials, which was responsible for a quarter of emissions from the sector, causing 10% of global energy related greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 (2021 Buildings-GSR). Global material use is expected to more than double by 2060, and the materials used in the building and construction sector will comprise a third of this rise. GHG emissions will also increase as a result of material use (2020 Buildings-GSR).

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