Climate Chance Summit Europe 2022

Public Procurement : An Accelerator for the European Green Deal

Public Procurement : An Accelerator for the European Green Deal

Public investment, particularly that of local authorities, plays an essential economic role in Europe. Thus, the integration of climate issues in calls for tender can be a very powerful lever in stimulating economic sectors and accelerating technical developments, particularly in the field of construction or mobility, as well as in strengthening relocation movements and developing local food systems. As public procurement in Europe is highly regulated by EU legislation, do these regulations currently facilitate the acceleration of the transition or, on the contrary, hinder it? In which areas should European law be revised as a matter of priority?

Thematic draft proposals for the mplementation of the European Green Deal

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  • Prof. Roberto Louvin, University of Trieste
  • Prof. François Lichère, Director of the Chair of Public Contract Law, University of Lyon 3
  • Maurizio Mariani, Founder and Director of Eating City
  • Nadège Noisette, Deputy Mayor for Finance and General Administration of the City of Rennes and Metropolitan Councillor for Rennes Métropole (to be confirmed)
  • Hervé Fournier, municipal councillor of the City of Nantes, delegated to sustainable public procurement, food systems, markets, regulated professions and metropolitan councillor delegated to sustainable public procurement
  • Prof. Roberto Caranta, Law Department, University of Turin, Sapiens Network
  • Christophe Amoretti-Hannequin, Finance and Purchasing Director, Urban France