Climate Chance Europe 2024 Wallonia Summit

Entrepreneurial Innovation as part of Adaptation to Climate Change


The floods of 2021 had a severe impact on Wallonia, particularly affecting the Vesdre, Ourthe, and Hoëgne valleys, resulting in human tragedies and significant damage to industries along these valleys, including Câbleries d’Eupen and Everzinc. Corman, located in Dolhain-Limbourg, faced a desperate situation but managed to survive and gradually resumed operations, highlighting resilience lessons learned. The food sector, vulnerable to climate change, faced challenges due to water and agricultural dependency, with WAGRALIM addressing climate change impacts and mitigation strategies. SOIL CAPITAL promoted regenerative agriculture, benefiting both farms and supporting companies financially through GHG emissions certification. The extractive sector, exemplified by the Trooz quarry, also sought sustainability and biodiversity management. FEDIEX’s « Life in Quarries » project demonstrated efforts in quarry biodiversity conservation. EDF presented its approach to climate change adaptation in the French industry, emphasizing practical integration and local considerations. This workshop served as a platform for sharing experiences, innovations, and adaptations to climate change and its repercussions.