Climate Chance Conference Africa 2023

Nature-based solutions and urban planning: the role of urban forestry


Urban trees offer many ecological benefits: they reduce heat islands, promote biodiversity, reduce air pollution and mitigate climate change. Urban green spaces enhance the quality of life and attractiveness of cities, responding to social, ecological and economic challenges. Forestry can then be seen as a green infrastructure linking rural and urban areas to improve the environmental footprint of cities, while contributing to the physiological, sociological and economic well-being of society.

The aim of this workshop is to share information, experiences, best practices and urban forestry tools for implementing climate, biodiversity and anti-desertification actions in Africa, in preparation for COP 28.

Organised by:


  • Armand ASSENG ZE, FAO
  • Bobbo SALIHOU, Mayor of the City of Ngaoundéré
  • Pierre LIRAWA, Mayor of Yagoua
  • Mpans Gisèle, Mayor of Doume (to be confirmed)
  • Wirsiy Emmanuel BINYUY, Team Leader Cameroon Gender & Environment Watch (CAMGEW)
  • Donor representative (to be confirmed)

This session is moderated by:

  • Baudelaire Kemajou, Director of the Centre Technique Forêt Communale du Cameroun, President of Mairie Conseils