Climate Chance Summit – Africa 2021

Sustainable Mobility and Transport

Watch the full recording of the Mobility Workshop here:

This workshop will be the opportunity to review the advances made by the Sustainable Transport and Mobility coalition.

Specifically, it will be an opportunity to review the latest news of the Mobility and Transport Coalition, the work of members of the Mobility and Transport Coalition, and finally the progress in the replication of the Sustainable Mobility Roadmaps in Africa.

It will also be an interactive moment, with the sharing of best practices in the sector, and interesting exchanges between participants

The latest news from the Mobility and Transports Coalition:


Updates from the SLOCAT Partnership, of which Climate Chance is now a member, opportunities for deeper collaboration, especially in the COPs

  • Maruxa Cardama, Secretary-General of SLOCAT

Launching the African Mobility Month


Latest updates from the Movin’ On Lab Africa

  • Charlène Kouassi, Director of the Observatory for African Mobility

Projects of the members Mobility and Transports Coalition


Pitch 1: Ghana Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project (GUMAP)

  • Abdelrahman Melegy,  Transport for Cairo


Pitch 2 : Mopépé Solutions

The progress in the replication of Sustainable Mobility Roadmaps in Africa


Updates on the implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Roadmap in Côte d’Ivoire

  • Aristide Gahié, Director of the programmation at AMUGA, Côte d’Ivoire

Presentation of the AFD’s study on Multimodal Exchange centres in Abidjan

  • Valentine Monnier, Head of Transport team project, AFD 

Launching the work on the Sustainable Mobility Roadmap in Senegal

  • Khadim Cissé, Director of Studies and Strategy at CETUD, Senegal

Co-pilots and technical partners