Climate Chance Summit Africa 2019

Workshop 2 “In search of the specificity of tomorrow African city towards the climatic transition”

Co-pilots of the coalition

  • Zenata


By 2030, Africa is expected to have 2 billion inhabitants, more than half of them in cities. The future of African urban centers is therefore a major challenge, particularly because of their economic, social and climate change vulnerability. The scenario is complex: demographic explosion, increased mobility needs, construction of the city mainly in the informal sector, urban sprawl, poverty, health risks, etc. It is therefore urgent to gather around the table all the actors of the city, the local authorities, but also economic operators, including developers who carry projects of sustainable cities in Africa, donors, associations, researchers, etc. to draw a common road map adapted to the needs of the African continent.


  • YAAM Solidarité
  • GPS-Dev (Governance & Policies for Sustainable Development)
  • Réseau Climat & Développement (RC&D) tbc
  • Fondation Amidoule tbc

Zenata ‘The alliance of African urban developers »