Climate Chance Summit Africa 2019

Workshop 5 “Promoting sustainable mobility in transport in Africa”

Co-pilots of the coalition

  • Paris Process on Mobility and Climate
  • CODATU / MobiliseYourCity
  • ICLEI Africa


Africa is currently experiencing extremely high population growth, as well as asharp increase in mobility needs. The development of transport is very fast and concomitant with an acceleration of local, regional and international traffic. The different ways of circulating in Africa are entangled and rapidly changing transport systems. The dispersion of the population in ever larger spaces is due to the multiplication of the possibilities of moving, long-distance migrations are allowed by the improvement of the infrastructures and the transport services, the increase of the cities supports a strong urban sprawl. Public policies and mobility management require the consultation of all the actors of the territories and can be inspired by practices of other regions by relying on the decentralized cooperation (south-south, north-south, south-north).

This workshop will aim to bring together key African and international players in the mobility and transport sector to work on roadmaps adapted to the context of different African countries. Morocco and Côte d’Ivoire already adopted this strategy and will present their results. The ambition in defining common roadmaps is to develop, diversify, decarbonize, secure, improve and respond to the necessity to adapt to climate change in the mobility sector. This is also the opportunity of a major economic contribution to African countries.


  • Ghana Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project – Capacity building on mobility involving 6 municipalities in greater Accra region
  • OMA –  The case of Côte d’Ivoire: Ivorian roadmap on sustainable transport
  • ICLEI Africa – African TUMI network and African Mobility Month
  • PPMC – Decarbonisation of transport in some countries by 2050
  • Communauté Urbaine de Yaundé tbc
  • Kumasi Hive tbc
  • MicroEnergy International tbc