Climate Chance Summit Africa 2019

Workshop 6 “Preparing for adaptation issues in Africa, especially in the water sector”

Co-pilots of the coalition

  • Réseau Climat et Développement (RC&D) tbc
  • Coalition Eau Climate Chance tbc
  • OIF/IFDD – OFQJ tbc
  • ICLEI Africa tbc


With a resource availability that is often lower due to climate change, population growth and greater pressure of each use on water resources, competition between uses is exacerbated in Africa. How to deal with the competition between the various uses of water given the precariousness of the availability of the resource? In this workshop, we propose to bring together different actors in order to showcase good practices and question in particular the different uses of the water resource, the practices allowing a shared management and multi-use of the resource.


  • GéO-CSP tbc
  • Conservation Alliance International tbc
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Network
  • Population and Development Society tbc
  • UNESCO World Water Assessment Program (WWAP)
  • ICLEI Africa
  • SUEZ