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Sciences et Avenir reports on the importance of the Talanoa Dialogue and the implication of the Climate Chance Association in this one.

The importance of the Talanoa Dialogue

In this article, « The « Talanoa Dialogue », a new tool for climate negotiations », Sciences et Avenir explains the ins and outs of the Talanoa Dialogue, or Facilitation Dialogue, a process provided by the Paris Agreement aiming to to bring states to raise their climate goals.

Keep in mind that the Talanoa Dialogue is structured around 3 fundamental questions :

– Where are we ?

– Where do we want to go ?

– How do we get there ?

It should be noted that this dialogue aims at being an inclusive and participative dialogue, for this purpose a platform has been set up to share initiatives

Climate Chance, participant of the Talanoa Dialogue

Climate Chance organizes this year 2 Regional Summits : a European Summit in Brussels and an African Summit in Abidjan. The Climate Chance Association wishes to include these 2 key dates of the climate agenda within the Talanoa initiative by promoting the exchange between various non-state actors and by submitting concrete proposals into the Talanoa platform.

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