The first Strategic Orientation Committee of the year

Climate Chance organised its first Strategic Orientation Committee of the year on the 8th of March 2019. The main objective: to go forth with the 2019 Edition of the Observatory Report and to define the association's events strategy.

What’s new with the Observatory in 2019

The first Observatory Report was published in November 2018. During the Strategic Orientation Committee, a summary of past communication and diffusion actions was presented.

The new elements of the 2019 Edition of the Observatory were exhibited:

  • Book 1: 15 new country-focused papers of analysis mainly on the circular economy, waste, buildings, energy, transport and LULUCF sectors.
  • Book 2: Vertical integration is a new concept to be studied in climate plans this year.
  • Book 3: This book will be dedicated to finance and will deal with local climate finance and local actors access to climate finance.
  • NEW: This year the Observatory will make a Book 4: on Adaptation.

The Climate Chance Summit 2019 and the international climate agenda

The main Climate Chance event announced on 27th February during a press conference in Accra was discussed at the Strategic Orientation Committee. The Climate Chance Summit Africa 2019 will be held from the 16th to 18th October in Accra and will be a crucial moment for African mobilisation for the climate. Climate Chance hopes to turn this event into a workplace. This announcement led to talks on the development of the African coalitions (launched in 2018) and the Action Plan to implement prior to this Summit, this mostly concerns:

  • The Mobility Coalition
  • The Sustainable Building Coaltion
  • The Finance Coalition

Another subject on the table was Climate Chance’s presence at other events on the international agenda in particular in Africa. Diffusion and Advocacy on our work and plans will begin in Nairobi and Accra during the Fourth UN Environment Assembly and the Climate Week. Here you can find a summary of all events planned for 2019 on the Climate Chance Agenda :