Resilience and sustainability of food systems


In 2021, 278 million people were affected by hunger in Africa. In addition, agriculture accounts for 23% of GDP and employs 65% of the population, including many women, and this sector is particularly vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. To tackle the challenge of food security and ensure community resilience, it is necessary to transform agriculture and the governance of food systems by integrating all stakeholders in both urban and rural areas.

How can we guarantee sustainable livelihoods for all, while preserving natural resources and biodiversity? How can we integrate urban and rural stakeholders in the governance of food systems? This workshop will highlight the solutions put forward by local players in all their diversity to strengthen the resilience and sustainability of food systems in African contexts.


  • Joël Fofiri Nzossie, Senior Lecturer in Geography at the University of Ngaoundéré, Deputy Director of environmental management plans at the Ministry of the Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development, Associate Researcher at UMR 201 « Développement & Sociétés », IRD
  • Sémia Gharbi, Environmental science teacher, President of AEEFG (IPEN Hub for the MENA region) and WEP Tunisia focal point
  • Pierre-Olivier Veysset, International Development Manager, Cryosolar, Valorem Group
  • Bertrand Fotsing, Head of Sustainable Agriculture, Rainforest Alliance
  • Marie Cressence, RADD Executive Secretary, Access to Financial Education Award for her commitment and actions in favor of women in their entrepreneurial endeavors, Positive Planet Awards
  • Bertin Takoutsing, Associate scientist Soil Health and Management, CIFOR-ICRAF
  • Dr Sergine Ngatat, Research Assistant and Lab Manager at the Molecular Biology Laboratory, International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA)

This session is moderated by:

  • Jeanne Rosy Esso, CADER, Vice-Chair of the Follow-up Council of the Recommendations of the New Africa-France Summit, Coordinator of the Africa One Forest Youth Initiative, Rural Animator