Canopy Design integrates the specificity of each location by considering geography, climate and soil health. Our team, specialized in agroecology and permaculture, creates sustainable and aesthetic environments in a variety of projects.

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We have several exciting projects underway at Canopy Design, all focused on creating innovative and sustainable spaces. Here is a list of some of our current projects:
– Installation of agricultural projects in agroecology: We are working on the creation of different farms, ranging from 5 to 120 hectares, in regions such as Durbuy, Fernelmont, Lasne, Theux, Marche en Famenne and Visé. These farms will be designed according to the principles of agroecology, favoring environmentally friendly agricultural practices and promoting soil regeneration.
– Creation of a place dedicated to regeneration: We have undertaken the design of a place specially dedicated to regeneration, located in Genappe. The Regeneration camp focuses on solutions dedicated to the regeneration of soils and eco-systems.
– Design of mixed cultural urban agriculture project: We are currently working on a project that combines cultural elements and urban agriculture, located in Herstal. Our goal is to create a space where people can enjoy both culture and urban agriculture, promoting collaboration and exchange between the two areas. – Creation of a mixed HORECA micro-agriculture place: We are also involved in the creation of a mixed place between HORECA (hotels, restaurants, cafes) and micro-agriculture, located in Bizet. This project aims to combine restoration activities with local production of agricultural products, promoting a sustainable and local approach. – Creation of a micro-agriculture place

Support and assistance in setting up various projects in Belgium on soil regeneration, agroecology, land development, etc.

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Louise Rivière

At Canopy Design, architects of the living, we create innovative spaces while regenerating ecosystems. Each Canopy Design project is a unique work, rooted in the specificity of each location. We consider geography, climate, soil health… Our team guides each phase, activating diverse skills such as agroecology, permaculture and regenerative hydrology. Working on public, private and associative projects, Canopy accompanies those who care for the earth and people, creating meaningful environments without compromising on beauty, sustainability and sobriety. Proud to enrich individuals and ecosystems, we shape places that transcend mere design to become meaningful legacies.

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