Schools Cycling Challenge (SCC)

African Cycling Foundation (ACF) is registered not for profit/non-governmental organization (NGO) established for the purpose of promoting grassroots cycling and transforming lives using the bicycle.

An initiative of African Cycling Foundation (ACF)

Overview of the project

The Schools Cycling Challenge (SCC) is an initiative of the African Cycling Foundation designed with the aim of facilitating behavior change in young population, particularly school children, to take up cycling and enjoy the many benefits surrounding the activity. It is designed as a national, regional and city level program. So far, we have implemented 3 editions: 2 in Lagos state and 1 in Ogun state in Nigeria.

The programme enables junior and senior secondary school students to compete and enjoy cycling as a sport in a fun and friendly environment.
SCC is a tool to teach and learn about the many benefits surrounding cycling, such for climate action, health and fitness, active mobility, sustainable transportation and sport. SCC also facilitates the inclusion of cycling as extracurricular school activity.

The concept:

A cycling competition for public secondary schools organized by the African Cycling Foundation.To promote the wellness benefits of
cycling to secondary school students.

  • To promote cycling as an enjoyable sport for achieving sustainable, lifelong wellness.
  • To promote the benefits of cycling to the environment via reduction in carbon emissions.
  • To promote the inclusion of cycling in schools’ sporting programs.
  • To promote adoption of cycling as a school club activity.
  • To promote the development of competitive cycling in Nigeria towards eventual participation in international competitions

The event:

A 2 Day Competition for boys and girls in JSS1 – 3 (Junior Category) and SS1 & 2 (Senior Category)

  • Brand-new, high-quality bicycles to be used for the program with safety helmets.
  • Adequate security. Ambulance & medical personnel on standby.
  • Excellent event publicity.
  • Side events including music, zumba, etc.

Create behavioral change in the young with the aim of adopting regular cycling as a healthy behavior, sustainable mobility and profitable sport, which has numerous benefits for the environment.

Level of progress

Ongoing financing

Project timeline

Annual Event, from January - September

Quantitative results

The 3rd edition of the SCC in Lagos was held at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos.

  • Participants: 174
  • Attendees: 800+
  • Almost 400 schools present
Qualitative results
  • The 2018 SCC provided ample opportunity for hundreds of participants to exhibit their cycling skills.
  • It was the biggest SCC so far and some new and exciting young talents were discovered.
  • The 5 gold medalists who emerged, from both the junior and senior categories, received cash awards which have been deposited in Sterling Bank as education funds for them.
  • At the end, two stand-out cycling talents were identified, one each from the junior and senior categories, for further training and coaching for future events.
  • The success of the 2018 SCC has contributed significantly to the growth of cycling at the grassroots in Lagos state. We believe this will contribute to the sustainable development of cycling in the state for the foreseeable future.

Combination of Self Funding by the organization and Partnership

About the

African Cycling Foundation (ACF)

Programme Manager

African Cycling Foundation (ACF) is registered not for profit/non-governmental organization (NGO) established for the purpose of promoting grassroots cycling and transforming lives using the bicycle. ACF is focused on:

  • Promotion of safe and regular cycling towards achieving sustainable wellness for all and improved academic performance for young people.
  • Provision of bicycles to mobilize student to school in rural/semi-urban communities, provide mobility for micro-entrepreneurs and primary health workers in rural communities and enable people change their circumstances and optimize their potentials.

Our Programs:

  1. The Schools Cycling Challenge (SCC)
  2. The Ride to School
  3. Non-Motorized Transport
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Other partners / supporters

1. Sterling Bank
2. Cycology Cycling Club
3. Techno Oil
4. Simba Group
5. Cycling Federation of Nigeria
7. Coca-Cola
8. Lagos state sports commission
9. United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Lagos
10. Channels Television