Congo - Kinshasa

Promoting the Use of Waste-Based Coal Briquettes

This initiative, led by the Green Space Network, aims to collect and transform waste into an energy source called coal briquettes, in order to promote renewable energies and produce clean and inexpensive energy.

An initiative of Green Space Network

Overview of the project

Our project consists of collecting, sorting and transforming waste into an energy source called coal briquettes. These briquettes are used for cooking energy, replacing firewood and charcoal which are causes of deforestation. An alternative solution that is less expensive and allows the population to live in a healthier environment.

Together with the communities, the organisation strives to reduce anthropic pressure on wildlife and plant resources. The aim is to make the population aware of the value of the forest, as well as the management and sorting of waste for human life.


The project aims to promote renewable energy sources through the production of clean and inexpensive energy.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline


Quantitative results

We can produce up to 1,000 kg per week.

Qualitative results

We were able to create briquettes of a very high quality.



About the

Green Space Network

Roliane KAYIBA
National Coordinator

The organisation carries out several activities, including recycling waste for the production of clean, inexpensive and more economical energy, such as bio-coal briquettes, biogas, or compost. The organisation is also active in the installation of smart bins and paving stones.