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MAMA AFRICA – Moringa for Afforestation and Malnutrition Alleviation Africa

This project leaded by "Practical Agro Solutions Private Ltd" aims to address climate change and malnutrition with moringa tree plantations.

An initiative of Practical Agro Solutions Private Ltd

Overview of the project

We have embarked on an afforestation program using a tree called Moringa, which has the capacity to absorb carbon dioxide 20 times more than the general vegetation. The moringa tree can also be used for food, medicine, water purification, soil conservation and more, it’s leaves and seed are highly nutritious. We have named our program “Moringa for Afforestation and Malnutrition Alleviation ( MAMA Africa).

We have planted over 16 million moringa trees in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Malawi, we wish to expand to other African countries. Moringa is drought tolerant,hence we are planting it in rural areas to help as a source of food and income for disadvantaged women and youths in remote areas. This is a tree that provides both means to address the effects of climate change, while at the same time providing nutrition.


Addressing climate change and malnutrition with moringa tree

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

06/09/2016 - 3/4/2025

Quantitative results

We have planted 16 million moringa trees in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Malawi.

Qualitative results

An estimated 1.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide have been absorbed through this initiative, thousands of households have improved their diet through consuming moringa tree parts and selling the surplus.


The project is self financed and also supported by other businesses with the planting of moringa. The demand for moringa products is growing worldwide, making the project very profitable since the leaves can be exported to E.U and U.S.A

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Practical Agro Solutions provides agribusiness enterprises with end to end practical agro solutions including access to specialist agronomy services and hi-tech farming tools.

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