“Moi Jeu Tri” Programmes

Moi Jeu Tri works to raise awarness of environmental, health and climate change issues and contributes to the ecological transformation at local level, particularly through training and integration of young people who are far from employment and women, and the promotion of the circular economy.

An initiative of Moi Jeu Tri

Overview of the project

Moi Jeu Tri’s action aims to support the ecological transition of cities in Africa through the involvement of children and young people. It is implemented through 4 main programmes.

  1. The Moi Jeu Tri programme focuses on awareness-raising, sustainable management, waste recovery and preservation of marine ecosystems: “ma planète bleue” workshops, art and waste workshops.
  2. From Waste to Light programme focused on bringing together the themes of renewable energy, sustainable management and waste recovery. This programme was deployed in 10 schools in Togo with 40 collective charging stations installed + 1600 individual solar lamps distributed to children.
  3. Biowaste programme deployed in Togo and Côte d’Ivoire with the creation of school vegetable gardens focusing on the valorisation of biowaste (creation of compost) and initiation to urban agriculture in schools (agri-MJT). It allows the reduction of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions while promoting sustainable agriculture. The spreading of compost or digestates from methanisation allows the carbon contained in organic waste to be stored in the soil, and it improves the soil’s overall capacity to fix carbon from the air via plant photosynthesis.
  4. Eco-municipalities programme to support the ecological transition, focusing on vocational training for young unemployed people in the recycling professions and professional integration in the circular economy professions, with a particular emphasis on the promotion of gender.

Present in 3 countries (Togo, Ivory Coast, France), the NGO Moi Jeu Tri aims to promote ecological transformation through the involvement of African youth in environmental education programmes and the creation of local ecosystems. Our main mission is to train the citizens of today and tomorrow, through awareness and commitment through action.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

2017 - project still in progress

Quantitative results

Through our actions, we have contributed to involving 120,000 children in our programmes in 220 schools since 2017 and are now established in 6 communes. More than 60,000 households have been made aware of selective sorting, 90 tons of recyclable household waste have been sorted and recycled, and 5 million CFA francs have been collected for social projects in schools. Also, 87 young people have received professionnal trainings in the field of circular economy.

Qualitative results

In general, our programmes have led to improved sanitation and cleanliness in cities and schools. They have also been a determining factor in the transformation of the mindsets of the populations who now understand the urgency and necessity of sorting and recycling and improving their living conditions.


Since 2017, we have had several institutional, technical and financial partners in Togo, both locally and internationally. These include the town halls of the municipalities where we are based, and the French and German embassies in Togo.

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About the

Moi Jeu Tri

Délégué général

Moi Jeu Tri is driven by the belief that education is the foundation of everything. Education and teaching are the key issues of our time and ensuring decent learning conditions is a prerequisite for building a solid foundation for tomorrow’s actors. Thus, Moi Jeu Tri works as widely as possible through its programmes to:

  • Education on environmental, health and climate change issues, by setting up awareness, sorting and waste management programmes in partner schools.
  • Contribute to the ecological transformation at local level, in particular through training and integration of young people who are far from employment and of women, and the promotion of the circular economy in our local communities.
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Other partners / supporters
  • Lagazel
  • Le FORIM
  • La Fondation de la mer
  • Synergie Solaire
  • Le Fonds VALOREM
  • Waste Free Ocean
  • Union Européenne (Togo)