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Green Solidarity Programme

This project led by AFESAF intervenes within two different sectors: the rural sector and national solidarity. This project works on reforestation.

An initiative of Association Femmes Sans Frontières (AFESAF)

Overview of the project

The Eco-citizen Network Project : A year, a planted tree, to give back to nature what it gives to us.

The AFESAF (organisation specialised in helping women and national solidarity actions) is engaged with the Cameroonian government in reducing poverty and improving the population’s living conditions. The projects focus mainly on women and youth. In line with Cameroon’s development priorities, the AFESAF works and intervenes especially in two sectors: the rural sector and national solidarity.

Gender, environment, sustainability and vulnerability are all aspects systematically integrated within this approach.



Level of progress

Networking, internationalisation

Project timeline

Since April 6th 1999

Quantitative results

3,000 trees planted per year.

Qualitative results

Fragile ecology zone restored.


Own funds: Embassy of Switzerland in Cameroon, Ministry of forests and fauna, UNESCO

About the

Association Femmes Sans Frontières (AFESAF)

Founder and president
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Environmental protection and human rights.