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Corporate ReGeneration gives a voice to young people and nature within companies, co-constructing regenerative solutions through dialogue at events and training courses. With 80 young people and 40 partners, we develop "open source" initiatives to meet current and future social challenges.

An initiative of Corporate ReGeneration

Overview of the project

  • Establishment of specific “impact” governance (including the “ReGeneration Board” and the “Stakeholders Assembly”) within companies in order to address extra-financial issues by directly integrating key stakeholders. These bodies bring together decision-makers/owners of the company and representatives of external stakeholders such as representatives of the younger generation (between 18 and 30 years old) and “nature” from our association.
  • 5 pairs of “guardians” responsible for their area of impact (nature/climate issues, social equity, prosperity & company mission, intergenerational justice and regeneration) discuss in a formal framework about the extra-financial material issues of the ‘business. Their power extends from a “simple” advisory council to a “quasi board”.

These bodies operate in interaction and complementarity with the Boards of Directors, COMEX or other CSR / Climate Departments.
We (co-)develop specific training and tools to best supervise the dialogue between the members of these bodies. The ambition is to disseminate these initiatives in “open source” mode. The goal by 2025 is to train 100 young people per year ready to join these committees through a more professional platform co-built with our current and future partners and to allow as many organizations as possible to take control of these bodies. governance which are innovative tools to support, challenge and inspire the company’s strategy and action plans in terms of the fight against climate change and “sustainable development”. Presence in Wallonia and planned distribution to the rest of Belgium and France in 2024, rest of Europe in 2025.


Deployment of governance bodies dedicated to impact and climate within companies.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

September 2022 - project still in progress

Quantitative results

– 6 Regeneration Boards set up in this launch phase
– 50 young people involved, including 8 active members of the pilot ReGeneration Boards
– More than 500 managers contacted and met
– Participation in 30 meetings/conferences as (in)direct speakers
– 7 press articles and 3 university dissertations
– Network of +40 experts
– 3 official partnerships

Qualitative results

– Development of new corporate governance “tools” and mechanisms to specifically address climate and sustainability issues (more generally ESG/Impact).
– First version of a training program for young people wishing to bring their voice closer to corporate decision-making centers.
– Recognition of initiatives and support from numerous centers of expertise and federations (Institut Michel Serres, Guberna, Union Wallonne des Entreprises, …)
– High level of satisfaction with the usefulness/relevance of the system
– Interest from professionals, politicians and academics


Walloon Region (Cabinet Minister Tellier), own funds and services paid for by partner companies

About the

Corporate ReGeneration

Vincent Truyens

Corporate ReGeneration is an association that aims to bring the voice of the younger generation and nature to the highest corporate level, in order to raise awareness and co-construct innovative, regenerative solutions to contemporary and future societal challenges. We bring together young people, managers, experts and other stakeholders through events, training courses and governance bodies specifically created within companies or local authorities. We (co-)develop training courses, events and tools to provide the best possible framework for dialogue between the members of our association: 80 young people, 40 corporate partners and other groups. Our ambition is to disseminate these initiatives in a way that is “open source”.


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Other partners / supporters

Partnerships under construction with Institut Michel Serres, Guberna. A dozen other collaborations exist at this stage.