“Jardins des Délices” – communal compost

A collective vegetable plot project in Geneva.

An initiative of Association "Les Jardins des Délices"

Overview of the project

We invite our neighbors to bring their kitchen waste to the compost in the common garden areas and to contribute to fertilising the vegetable plots, all to help local produce grow and reduce waste. This also helps raise awareness on natural cycles like “food – compost – food’


To recycle organic waste, reduce transport waste and enhance circular economy.

Level of progress


Project timeline

Since September 2018

Quantitative results

At least a tonne of compost was produced.

Qualitative results

Better soil quality, neighbors were able to meet, relief for having reduced the quantity of waste.


"What a question ! No need !"

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About the

Association "Les Jardins des Délices"

Les Jardins Délices Association

The association «Les Jardins des Délices» was founded in order to encourage gardening, biodiversity, culture and encounters between people of all ages, in the Park “des Délices” and its close neighbors.

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