Green Beach

The "Green Beach" project is a an initiative that enabled a large number of young people to learn about the impacts of climate change as well as adaptation actions.

An initiative of Sustainable Development Club of Ivory Coast (CDD-CI)

Overview of the project

Green Beach project was an educational and fun school outing.

It enabled over 80 young people (students, workers and young professionals) to improve their knowledge on climate change. These young people then had discussions with over 150 residents from Assinie-Mafia  in order to understand the way they perceive climate change.

Assinie-Mafia is a commune located around 80KM away from Abidjan (economic capital of Ivory Coast) on the coast. The beach at Assinie-Mafia is the most renowned beach in the country. Many buildings and touristic infrastructures are threatened by the waves and coastal erosion? Fishing activities of populations are less productive than in the past and population have no idea how to adapt to climate change.


To raise awareness on the impacts of climate change

Level of progress


Project timeline


Quantitative results

88 young people improved their knowledge on climate change – Raising public awareness on climate change to around 150 people

Qualitative results

Participants learnt what coastal erosion is.


Contributions from members of Sustainable Development Club - Logistical support of 2 businesses.

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Sustainable Development Club of Ivory Coast (CDD-CI)

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Sustainable Development Club of Ivory Coast (CDD-CI) takes place within the Sustainable Development Education activities and awareness raising on climate change. The organisation therefore organised the Green Beach which is a scientific and fun activity for learning about climate change.

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