Overlim Biogas and Climate Center

Afrisol Foundation aims to support local farmers in the use of clean, safe and sustainable energy practices and solutions for their land.

An initiative of Afrisol Foundation

Overview of the project

Our Overlim BIOGAS INNOVATION CENTER KENYA, operated and funded by Afrisol Foundation (Netherlands) is aimed to support local farmers in the uses and organic production of biogas and slurry to fertilize their agricultural land. The centre provides aspiring biogas users the opportunity to cook cleaner, save on costs, produce fertilizers and save the planet while getting sustainable incomes and employment. It promotes innovating practices as lamps on biogas to overcome firewood scarcity, deter unhealthy indoor firewood cooking practices. An annex experimental farm equipped with 4 biogas systems in operation offers interested farmers tours and a free workshop to attend. Our centre also aims at accelerating the number and impact of inclusive innovations in biogas production in the Kiserian region (Kenya), where waste and pollution are detrimental to growth and rarefy firewood.

Even former President Obama was impressed when he visited us!


To promote clean, safe and sustainable energy practices and solutions to farmers.

Level of progress

Pilote operation, experimentation

Project timeline

01/01/2015 - 1/1/2021

Quantitative results

We expect the center to be self-sufficient by mid-2019 and provide sustainable work for 5 to 6 employees. We attract 75-100 visitors annually (55 visitors in 2017). The center aspires to be climate neutral by the end of 2020.

Qualitative results

Visited by 250 farmers who also followed the renewable energy workshop and climate lessons. We created jobs for at least 15 people.


By private donors and crowdfunding in the Netherlands

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Afrisol Foundation

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Stitching Afrisol is a Netherland-based NGO that facilitates the adoption of climate smart technologies and practices by farmers by affordable and clean energy and sanitation solutions. We offer financial and non-financial support to social entrepreneurs in Kenya.

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