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An ecology-friendly and beneficial magazine for children

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Overview of the project

A Youth Magazine (8 to 88 years old!) about well-being and nature, in connexion with senses and the 4 elements: earth, air, water, fire. Plum’ is a care-magazine, to reconnect oneself to nature and sensations, with generosity. It is always published on a full moon!


Raising children's awareness and making them happy

Level of progress


Project timeline

Two publications for now: #1 november 2017 et #2 may 2018

Quantitative results

Sales of the first and second publication have been very encouraging

Qualitative results

Enthusiastic welcome from the public, associations and different organisations.


Adie loan and own funds.

Presentation of the project at the Audacity Awards 2017 [in French]

#AA2017 #AudacityAwards Plum n’a pas été récompensé dans sa catégorie malgré une belle présentation mais c’était une belle aventure ! Elle continue grave à vous puisque vous pouvez nous proposer des points de vente pour le magazine, à bientôt !

Publiée par Plum magazine sur Mardi 7 novembre 2017

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About the

PLUM Magazine

Dominique Cronier
Plum Creator and publication director

This magazine is the fruit of a research paper, completed during a University degree un sustainable growth in Nantes, France : Plum’, or why do children loose connexion with nature? And how to create those links within a child though a tool such as a revue for children on ecology and well-being, focusing on the 4 primary elements of reality (water, air, earth, fire) ; and on the 6 senses, including intuition, the 10 pillars of renewed awareness for a child?

I simply wish to increase children’s well-being, so that they feel good with themselves, and the rest will follow! Those are just few hints for them to find happiness within them. They will become more attentive to their environment and will certainly want to consume differently.

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