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Biodiversity - Forest - Land uses
Climate finance
Climate negociations
Economic transition (sustainable supply-chains,circular economy, employment)
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Multi-level governance
Ocean - Coastal areas
Sustainable housing - Building
Territorial planning and territorial management

SDG 2021 Programme

The NGO ADET's mission is social, economic and environmental development, as well as the promotion of gender and human rights.

An initiative of Amis des Étrangers au Togo / Friends of Foreigners in Togo (ADET)

Overview of the project

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) were adopted by world leaders on September 15, 2015 with their implementation commencing in 2021. The NGO ADET has, to this end, drawn up its 2021 programme taking into account all 17 SDG and in particular SDG 13 focusing on the fight against climate change. It inspires us to create projects aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement adopted on December 12, 2015 for the protection and promotion of environmental development. In Togo we have projects ongoing:

  • Reforestation
  • Distribution of electric vehicles to reduce pollution and promote environmental resilience.
  • Distribution of clean stoves to women and girls to reduce household gases and cardiovascular diseases and to disconnect women from the destruction of forests and biodiversity.
  • Rural electrification to eliminate the consumption of harmful fossil fuels.
  • Plantain planting to fight poverty and at the same time climate change.
  • To organise training and awareness-raising sessions for young people, teachers, women, farmers, business men, vulnerable groups, etc.
  • To advocate the authorities for the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement from the local to the global level.

The above-mentioned projects are aimed at reducing CO2 and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which is free to all mankind. Implementation of these projects will save our planet from climate change and merits to be duplicated across all countries. To implement these projects, climate change teams have been formed in all of Togo’s five economic regions and will be created in all 117 municipalities.

ADET has already signed partnerships with renewable energy manufacturing companies, electric car companies, and clean stove companies.

Reforestation activities are scheduled annually, for 2021 they will be held between April 1 and June 30.

Mobilisation of human and financial resources is the greatest challenge in this battle.

Implementation of the Paris Agreement will enable global implementation of the SDG which is a common path for the prosperity of humanity.


Overall implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

01/01/2021 to 2030 and beyond

Quantitative results

Launching the implementation of the SDG.

Qualitative results

Many challenges will have to be met and their success will be highly positive within the framework of this programme, which includes all of the sustainable development goals.



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Amis des Étrangers au Togo / Friends of Foreigners in Togo (ADET)


The NGO ADET’s mission is social, economic and environmental development, as well as the promotion of gender and human rights.

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