Blue schools

This practical project aims to show children how water, environment, waste management and food production are all linked together.

An initiative of International rainwater harvesting alliance

Overview of the project

This multicomponent concept combines the key elements of water, hygiene and sanitation with environmental awareness components such as school gardens, reforestation and waste management.

This holistic approach makes it possible to demonstrate to children, in a practical way, the close link between water, environment, waste management and food production.


Improving pupils' health and revealing realities of environmental issues.

Level of progress

Multi-site development

Project timeline

November 2018 - September 2019

Quantitative results
  • Number of water infrastructure, sanitation and hand cleaning acoomplished
  • Number of training workshops in basic hygiene, cleaning hands, infrastructure maintenance, building a school garden
Qualitative results

Increase in pupils’ attendance, evaluation of performance tests


Public funding and private foundations

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About the

International rainwater harvesting alliance

Marc Sylvestre

The¬†International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance is an Swiss NGO aiming to promote and build actors’ capacities in rainwater management.

Our action is to create a better rainwater management for all concerned local authorities, water services, but also river basin committees or communiies themselves via the operation and implementation of concrete projects.
The IRHA develops initiatives with partners who structure the organisation’s strategy.

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  • Kanchan Nepal

    Non-governmental organisation

    Nirmal Adhikari
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  • Guthi

    Non-governmental organisation

    Prakash Amatya