RISE – Réseau Intersyndical de Sensibilisation à l’Environnement

RISE stimulates social consultation, strengthens the intervention of union delegates, and raises environmental awareness among workers, thus contributing to a just transition towards an economic model that respects ecological limits.

An initiative of RISE - Réseau Intersyndical de Sensibilisation à l'Environnement

Overview of the project

RISE is the only actor that supports workers in making their voice heard on environmental issues within the company.
To do this, RISE implements various training and awareness tools:
– Organization of interprofessional, sectoral, regional training for workers undergoing professional retraining
– Development of a network of union delegates active on environmental issues
– Organization of seminars
– Powering a website (www.rise.be)
– Development of multimedia tools (videos, podcasts, etc.)
– Publication of brochures, quarterly newsletters and articles in the union press
– Establishment of a support service for worker representatives (scientific, legal, strategic support)
– Carrying out quantitative and qualitative surveys on union action in the environment
– Participation in European, federal or regional projects in collaboration with other stakeholders (European trade union organizations, environmental associations, public authorities, universities)
– Participation in regional social consultation on energy and environment issues (CESE)
In order to maximize the impact of its action, RISE strives to develop collaborations and synergies with numerous stakeholders sharing the same values and objectives.


RISE aims to train and raise awareness among the unions about environmental issues.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

01/01/1996 -projet toujours en cours

Quantitative results
  • In 2022, 1,210 company worker representatives were trained and made aware of environmental and just transition issues by RISE.
  • RISE newsletters were sent to more than 3,000 recipients: mainly representatives of workers who have followed our training and partner organizations.
  • The survey carried out in 2017 shows that social consultation on the environment is a reality in nearly 90% of Walloon companies with more than 50 workers and the driving role played by worker representatives. For more than 9 out of 10 delegates, environmental issues are considered important or very important.
Qualitative results
In the first half of 2017, a survey was carried out on the theme “How do workers, through their union work within companies, contribute to the low-carbon industrial transition and support Walloon policies?” “. The results of this survey demonstrate the added value of union action. The results of this survey are available here: http://www.rise.be/quelle-concertation-sociale-dans-les-entreprises-wallonnes.htm. They demonstrate the positive action of supporting union cells in stimulating social consultation in the environment. Since 2015, the networking of worker representatives on the themes concerned has also made it possible to develop a dynamic conducive to the implementation of

Framework agreement with the Walloon Region

About the

RISE - Réseau Intersyndical de Sensibilisation à l'Environnement

Lydie Gaudier
Coordinator of the RISE Unit of CEPAG/FGTB Walloon

The Inter-Union Environmental Awareness Network is a joint structure close to the CSC and the Walloon FGTB whose main mission, since 1996, is to support environmental action in companies.
RISE pursues three missions:
– Stimulate social consultation on the environment in companies
– Strengthen the ability of union delegates to intervene on these issues
– Raise awareness among workers and their representatives about the environment
RISE’s action is part of a socially just transition towards an economic model compatible with ecological limits, providing quality jobs and reducing social inequalities.
Our work themes include energy savings, climate, food, eco

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