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Regreening Africa

World Vision International's project to promote large-scale agroforestry in order to reverse land degradation.

An initiative of World Vision International

Overview of the project

Regreening Africa builds on the land restoration success in the Maradi and Zinder regions of Niger, where an estimated 5 million hectares have been restored. To extend this work throughout the country, World Vision Niger is leading a coalition of development, research and government partners.

The project aims to reverse land degradation through the widespread adoption of agroforestry, including building community capacity and support for the development of agroforestry value chains.


Reverse land degradation through the widespread adoption of agroforestry.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

9/1/2017- 9/30/2022

Quantitative results

More than 10,000 farming households are practising assisted natural regeneration (ANR) and other regreening options on more than 40,000 hectares.

Qualitative results

Changing mindsets and behaviours regarding natural resources management.


By the European Union with co-financing from other agencies.

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World Vision International

Hamed Constantin TCHIBOZO
"Regreening Africa" Project Coordinator

Fighting for the well-bieng of children and the most deprived.

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