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DIAPOECOLO activities rely on environmental protection, protecting biodiversity, safeguarding indigenous cultures, safeguarding water resources, fighting pollution, promoting recycling, promoting sustainable development, raising public awareness.

An initiative of DIASPOECOLO

Overview of the project

As its name suggests, LES PETITS ÉCOLO is a work written by the President of the DIASPOECOLO association, Mr FOSSI TIEME PAMPHILE, assisted by members of the association. The aim of this work is to introduce the youngest members of the public to environmental issues, as we have all noticed that the environment is deteriorating more and more and at great speed. This work is therefore a series of ideas organised according to age and level of understanding as follows:
-T1 nursery school
-T2 lower primary school
-T3 second cycle primary school
-T4 lower secondary school
And finally T5 for upper secondary school.
Throughout their content, the emphasis is on group problem-solving, as this is the best way of bringing together people with conflicts of all kinds. Once the works have been produced, we would like them to be integrated into the education system, firstly in Cameroon and then in the rest of Africa and why not the whole world!
Having already launched awareness-raising campaigns for very young children, we’ve found that illustrating words has a faster impact than the words themselves, because children have a very sharp memory and can easily copy what they see.
So we know that this project will be a success, because apart from the written works, we’ll be producing them in the form of cartoons to make it easier for them to absorb them.


Introducing young people to environmental issues and promoting sustainable development.

Level of progress

Pilote operation, experimentation

Project timeline


Quantitative results

In Tunisia we have already reached more than 1,000 people through our actions, and in Cameroon we have reached more than 10,000. What’s more, with the start of the new school year just around the corner, we will be making an effort to support all the environmental clubs in private and public establishments, firstly throughout the NYONG AND SO’O department, then in Ebolowa, and the rest will follow.

Qualitative results

Children really do have a great imagination, which is why they are our main target. All the children who have been appointed Ecology Ambassadors in Tunisia and Cameroon have already taken the oath and have continued to raise awareness among the rest of their peers.


Our project has been financed by ourselves, as we haven't received any grants since we were set up. We do the best we can with what we have, as we are volunteers.

About the



DIASPOECOLO is a non-profit association set up by Charles Ubert Moussi, who is the association’s coordinator. DIASPOECOLO is an association made up of people working in the following areas:
-Environmental protection
-protecting biodiversity
-safeguarding indigenous cultures
-safeguarding water resources
-fighting pollution
-promoting recycling
-promoting sustainable development
-raising public awareness
-fighting hate speech and xenophobia. Through all this and the fact that this association is made up of people who are incredibly passionate about the environment as a whole and very dedicated. We are working for a 100% green world.

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