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Ngoe Seaside For All

Its establishment in Kribi is the result of a decade of observation of urban development through various projects.

An initiative of C.A.Diwouta Foundation

Overview of the project

1-Awareness-raising and socio-cultural activities on the beach
Quarterly organisation of an awareness day with group games.
Screening of documentaries on the maritime environment
Creative workshops on recycling

2-Combating erosion through protection and planting
Mangrove to be planted around the drains
Plant cover and hedges to regenerate
Protection of trees with exposed roots and planting of suitable new trees

3-Support for the organisation of the beach according to user needs:
Fishermen’s landing stage and sales point
Delimitation of pedestrian and vehicle parking areas
Public dry toilets
Safety for bathers
Dedicated space for children


To meet the objectives of an overall "Sustainable Pilot Beach" programme, after identifying the problems with users, we are programming a range of actions (clean-up operations, participative work to repair eroded areas, mangrove planting, awareness-raising through group recreational activities) with the major aim of curbing the various types of erosion affecting this site.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

Project still in progress

Quantitative results

Action 1-PlayGreen on 22 July 2023
.2 associations mobilised (Aspol-Gic Madiba)/2 coordinators
.30 bags of 100kg of waste collected/40 people dedicated to waste collection
-Group games:
.1 association mobilised Restart/5 facilitators/15 group games/250 children in 3 sessions
.2 coordinators/12 workers/
.20 coconut plants planted/53 mangrove plants planted

Qualitative results

Participatory thinking and action:
-Users have their say and propose solutions
-Mobilisation of participants through partnerships with other associations
-Community being created of associations working on the same subject
Introduction of new awareness-raising tools. through games, including some traditional games.


This CADiwouta Foundation project was launched with funding from the Diwouta architecture firm...
The first operation was conclusive in terms of qualitative and quantitative results, and we are currently seeking funding and expertise on the various subjects that make up the programme...

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About the

C.A.Diwouta Foundation

Daniele Diwouta
237 699 97 97 00

The C.A.Diwouta foundation was created in 2022 by Daniele Diwouta, an architect based in Douala.
Its establishment in Kribi is the result of a decade of observation of urban development through various projects.
His “Ngoe1 Seaside For All” programme, which runs from 2022 to 2027, focuses on improving the maritime environment through a SUSTAINABLE PILOT BEACH project.
In conjunction with administrative and community institutions,
A number of actions are being taken to combat erosion, pollution, insalubrity and safety, in order to restore safe access to the beach for all.
In the short term, we plan to set up a hub of associations working to protect the maritime environment in Kribi.

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Cabinet d’Architecture Diwouta
Autour de l’Eau/Gic Madiba
My Hands, My Tools