Think Smart Save The Environment

This project is about increasing food security though adoption of climate smart agriculture.

An initiative of The Resource Foundation, Ghana

Overview of the project

Rural communities in Africa are one of the most vulnerable to climate change impacts. Rising temperatures, erratic rainfall patterns and the increased frequency of natural disasters create challenges for the farming society of many African Countries. Ghanaian economy is dominated by agriculture as more than 25% of the GDP comes from the agriculture sector. Climate change will therefore greatly impact the existing farming practices and thus the livelihoods of those dependent on it. Most of the people living in the Western North Region are cocoa farmers with a high proportion of the population living in poverty. Most of the people are dependent on farming and allied sector as the country offers limited alternative income options. This makes the country highly vulnerable to even a slight change in weather patterns, making the people severely vulnerable to climate change. Through this project Think Smart Save the environment aims to initiate a multi stakeholder round table discussion to develop a community based adaptation strategy for the communities in Bia East Bodi District. The project is in line with the existing issues being faced by the local populace of the area and would emphasis efforts towards the following: Improving food security through adoption of climate smart agriculture practices, Promotion of tree on farm (Agro Forestry) and tree tenure system, Increasing awareness on relationships between climate change mitigation and food security. The above project will build capacities of the local organization and community members to cope with the impacts of climate change. The overall goal of the proposed project is to increase food security though adoption of climate smart agriculture. The project will provide systematic solutions to quicken the adaptive capacities of the rural peoples and farmers. The project will provide a set of essential agronomic practices to suit the aggro-ecology of the two project district thus Bodi and Bia East and ensure food security and better production

The purpose of the proposed project is to increase food security though adoption of climate smart agriculture.

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