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EcoPro is a dynamic and innovative organization dedicated to transforming the tire recycling landscape.

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Overview of the project

The EcoPro initiative is a groundbreaking endeavor aimed at revolutionizing the tire recycling landscape and fostering a sustainable, greener future. At its core, this initiative is driven by a passionate commitment to addressing the mounting global challenge of tire waste and its detrimental impact on the environment, health, and economy.
Our mission encompasses the development and implementation of innovative tire recycling solutions that not only mitigate the environmental hazards posed by tire waste but also contribute to a circular economy model. Through cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, EcoPro is actively reshaping the way tire waste is managed, recycled, and repurposed.
The urgency of our initiative is underscored by the alarming statistics of tire waste accumulation worldwide, which poses significant environmental risks, including soil and water pollution, as well as breeding grounds for diseases. Traditional disposal methods, such as landfills or incineration, fall short in addressing these challenges effectively. EcoPro’s solution transcends these limitations, offering a comprehensive approach that tackles the root problem.
Key pillars of the EcoPro initiative include:
Advanced Recycling Technology: Central to our initiative is our state-of-the-art tire recycling technology. This proprietary system is designed to efficiently break down used tires into valuable components, such as rubber, steel, and other materials. By maximizing resource recovery, our technology minimizes waste and reduces the need for virgin resources. Strategic Partnerships, Manufacturing Plant, Community Engagement and Awareness, and Circular Economy Integration.


Revolutionizing tire recycling for a sustainable and greener future.

Level of progress

Ongoing financing

Project timeline

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Quantitative results

EcoPro has achieved significant quantitative milestones, marking our commitment to sustainability and innovation.
Funding Success: We successfully closed a funding round, securing $150,000 from visionary investor.
Strategic Client Partnerships: EcoPro has achieved a significant breakthrough by signing agreements with two major clients—one from the rubber industry and the other from the construction sector. These partnerships underscore the market’s confidence in our high-quality, recycled tire products.
Market Interest: Our initiatives have not only attracted substantial clients but also generated partnership interest from neighboring countries.

Qualitative results

EcoPro’s journey has yielded remarkable qualitative outcomes, reflecting our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and meaningful impact. These intangible achievements are a testament to our vision and dedication to reshaping the tire recycling industry. i.e Environmental Stewardship,Industry Recognition, and Trust and Collaboration.


We are in the process of successfully closing a $150,000 funding round which speaks to our industry's recognition of the transformative potential of our initiatives. This recognition validates our innovative approach and underscores our position as a key player.

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Maina Anthony

EcoPro is a dynamic and innovative organization dedicated to transforming the tire recycling landscape. Our core activities revolve around pioneering sustainable solutions that address the pressing issue of tire waste accumulation. With a focus on environmental responsibility and circular economy principles, we are reshaping the way tire waste is managed and repurposed.
At the heart of our operations is our cutting-edge tire recycling technology. We employ advanced processes that efficiently break down used tires into valuable materials, minimizing waste and reducing the environmental impact. This technology ensures that we can extract a wide range of reusable components from tires, contributing to a more sustainable resource cycle.