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Energie Plus Programme: Construction of an industrial methanizer and an inter-communal waste treatment and recovery center in the communes of Yaounde 3, 4, 5, Mfou and Nkolafamba

This project aims to enhance the mitigation of greenhouse gases, and reinforce energy access through biogas production and waste treatment.

An initiative of Organisation d'appui en Ingenierie de Développeurs et de Maitrise d"oeuvre Sociale (OAI-DEMOS)

Overview of the project

The present project is part of the continuity of the environmental and climate change policy of the 5 communes in general, particularly that of Yaounde 4 and its partner OAI-DEMOS. It’s also part of the implementation of the findings contained in the diagnostic report of the local programs and policies on the environment, and access to basic social services carried out in the second pilot phase of the project.

The first pilot phase of the project began in 2009 under funding from the commune and its partners GROUPE CITOYEN, OAI-DEMOS and DEMAPLASTU-CAMEROUN. This phase saw:

  • the construction of 3 community methanizers to provide methane gas to 75 households out of approximately 132,091 in the commune of Yaoundé 4
  • the setting up of a unit for the valorization of plastic waste into paving stones and tiles and the production of 99 units of solar bulbs

The second phase, PACAEDC Project, under funding from the European Union, the Yaoundé 4 District Municipality and OAI-DEMOS, began in 2017. PACAEDC is the Support Project for Improving Citizen Participation and Planning for Integrated Environmental Management and Sustainable Energy Sources in the Commune d’Arrondissement of Yaoundé 4.

The overall objective of this program is to strengthen GHG mitigation and access to renewable energy through biogas production, waste collection and treatment in the Communes of Yaoundé 3, 4, 5, Mfou and Nkolafamba.

More specifically:

  1. Improve sanitation in neighbourhoods and villages through the control, management and treatment of household waste
  2. Build an industrial methanizer for the production of renewable energy at the local level while setting up a decentralized energy supply system
  3. Transform the plastic waste recovery unit into an inter-communal waste treatment and recovery centre

Strengthen / increase greenhouse gases (GHG) mitigation, and the access to energy through biogas production and waste treatment.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

2019 - project still in progress

Quantitative results
  1. 100 hectares of land available in Mfou for the industrial methanizer
  2. 100 hectar of land available in Nkolafamba for the intercommunal center
  3. 100 000 000 f cfa mobilized for the maturation
  4. 10 million euro to be made available by GIZ
Qualitative results
  1. formal notes of commitment from municipalities and OAI-DEMOS
  2. a pre-feasibility study available
  3. a summary business plan
  4. formal partnerships with the different waste producers (in the process of being finalized)
  5. establishment of a participatory inter-municipal pre-collection system
    designation of focal points
  6. setting up and animation of the intermunicipal commission of decentralized cooperation (CICCOD)
  7. a diagnostic study available
  8. climate and energy plan developed and validated by the JRC
  9. Capacity building meetings for the maturation of the program by the EIB, GIZ, ICLEI-AFRICA, FMDV, CoM SSA

For now the project is funded by the 5 municipalities, and OAI-DEMOS.

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The core activity is to promote inter-municipality, and multi-actor partnerships through its Inter-municipal Commission for Decentralized Cooperation (CICCOD), in the cities and regions of Africa.

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