EDUFFODD “Teachers implementing Sustainable Development Goals in French-speaking environments”

This awareness raising project based in Douala in Cameroon aims to strengthen teachers' capacities in terms on sustainable development education.

An initiative of RAEDD - African Network for Sustainable Development Education

Overview of the project

Education is what enables communities to face current global challenges such as Climate Change, consumption patterns, deforestation etc. In that respect, the EDUFFOD is led by RAEDD.

In the framework Global Action Programme of  UNESCO on Sustainable Development Education in Cameroon, the EDUFFEDD project has:

  • organised 5 seminars on capacity building
  • impacted 80 primary and secondary schools
  • equipped over 1,000 teachers with sustainable development education
  • reached out to over 10,000 pupils
  • mobilised over 300 eco-delegates
  • had a positive impact on 4 pilot schools (3 secondary and 1 primary) across 4 countries (Cameroon, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Benin)

In this perspective, this collaborative project consists of implementing SDG-related educational practices with support of civil society and partners. And all by encouraging the link between SDGs from nursery to University with the hope that everyone appropriates these terms (from citizens to decion-makers).


This project aims to strengthen teachers' capacities in terms on sustainable development education.

Level of progress


Project timeline

15th April 2015 - 14th April 2019


The first phase of the EDUFF project was funded by the Urban community of Douala,the Mayor of Douala and the Ministry of Environment. Climate Chance and its partners ARDCI, OCE and state of Benin.

For the EDUFFODD project, the organisers are currently seeking funding from the Urban Community of Douala, the Ministry of Environment, Climate Chance...

Sustainable Development Education Workshop in Douala – 7th, 8th, 9th August 2018 (French)

Recycled materials transformation Workshop 5th june 2018

About the

RAEDD - African Network for Sustainable Development Education

Lucien Blaise KOONA
+237 694243117

The RAEDD is a civil society-led organisation from Cameroon.

It’s made up of primary to secondary school teachers all equipped with environment, sustainable development and climate-related knowledge.

Since 2015, the RAEDD in line with its commitment to priority #3 of UNESCO’s global action plan on Sustainable Development Education, educates pupils on SD in schools all over the country.

The main goal is to:

  • promote SD-related education within teachers/trainers circles in order for environment, citizenship or human right-related subjects to be taught in schools.
A project
in collaboration
  • Communauté Urbaine de Douala

    Local government

    Joseph Magloire OLINGA,
  • UNESCO's Regional office in Central Africa

    International organisation

    Régine PRISO
  • Université Clermont Auvergne

    Research and innovation

    Didier MULNET
  • Institut de la francophonie pour le développement durable

    International organisation

    TOUNAO Kiri
  • OCE - Office for Climate Education

    International organisation

    David Wilgenbus