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Environment in schools

Schools can save the environment and change behaviour.

An initiative of Cadre de concertation citoyenne 3c/DAKCLIM

Overview of the project

This project seeks to develop and prepare the school environment to respond to community resilience, building on existing good practice through the children’s curriculum in grades 6 and 5 as a foundation, with the support of science teachers as mentors.

It aims to :

  • to create model citizens, concerned about their living environment and sensitive to the preservation of the environment with a good practical understanding of the issues involved
  • to encourage children to be creative
  • to mobilise the knowledge, skills and methodologies acquired by the pupils
  • to use the school environment to promote good practices, e.g:
    • waste management after every break
    • design of the school space
    • micro-gardening
    • competitions: green class, green school, exhibitions
  • to bring about a change in Senegalese society by focusing on the knowledge of children to influence the behaviour of adults

How do we do this ?

  1. Creating scientific and environmental clubs
  2. Having children do exhibitions adapted to the capacity-building materials of the actors concerned
  3. Developing “school governments” already set up by civic acts (Ministry of the Environment models)
  4. Encouraging a transfer of skills and inclusively push them to design their living environment
  5. Provide reforestation plants in national campaigns

Putting children at the heart of actions to influence adults by developing future leaders.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

Le projet débutera en octobre 2022 et finira en fin septembre septembre 2023

Quantitative results
  • Three exhibitions of 85 students
  • Training
  • Reforestation
  • Environmental skills transfer
  • 850 primary school students presented a recycled pot and plant
  • 8 school governments set up
  • 4 environment and science clubs
  • 75 parents included in germination processes with their child
  • School clean-up 8
Qualitative results
  • Aquiring environmental skills
  • Aquiring environmental knowledge
  • Aquiring environmental methodologies
  • 740 students planted from a recycled pot

Through a contribution from the members:
- In skills
- Membership fee
- Collection of recycling pots and organic waste

About the

Cadre de concertation citoyenne 3c/DAKCLIM

Souleymane Ndiaye
Environment Officer
76 920 30 67
  • Training
  • Creation of frameworks for working on climate change
  • Inclusion of people in integrated management processes
  • Supporting local initiatives
  • Advocacy
  • Prepare relevant actors such as neighbourhood delegates and youth associations members of the 3c framework which is an umbrella association of 19 associations
Other partners / supporters

School Management Committee and Parent Teacher Associations.