Developing Sustainable Energy Ecosystem in Tanzania

In Tanzania, SELCO Foundation tackles poverty by developing clean energy access ecosystems for the under-served population.

An initiative of SELCO Foundation

Overview of the project

SELCO Foundation is driven by an open source philosophy which believes that effective, efficient and ethical scaling can be achieved through adaptation or replication of solutions suited to specific contexts.
SELCO Foundation seeks to develop effective local partnerships in each ecosystem to establish a local ownership of solutions rather than physically establishing itself in these countries. Support will be given through the extensive knowledge & experience that SELCO has got in developing energy access solutions in India over many years.

SELCO Foundation hosted eleven leaders in the renewable energy and development sector from Tanzania in Nov – Dec 2018. The Learning Exchange Visit included in-depth discussions, mutual knowledge and experience sharing through interactive sessions in Bangalore, and on-field exposure visits to a spectrum of energy access solutions across the coastal region of Karnataka, and it provided the foundation for the work that SELCO is going to pilot out with partners in Tanzania.

Currently, the Solar technician training program has already been implemented at Don Bosco, Tanzania. With IMED, the proposal for incubation program for rural energy enterprises has been successful. Innovation ecosystem is being developed by KAKUTE, and other partners in Tanzania.


Connecting the dots between sustainability and poverty alleviation in Tanzania by developing clean energy access ecosystems for the under-served population.

Level of progress

Pilote operation, experimentation

Project timeline


Qualitative results

Different ecosystems are being gradually developed.


Different Foundations for different ecosystems

About the

SELCO Foundation


SELCO is an organization based out of Bangalore, India, with existence in parts of East & West Africa, with a mandate to demonstrate the critical role that sustainable energy plays in bridging inequality, creating safety nets and asset creation in order to enhance the resilience of under-served populations to tackle the disproportionate effect of climate change and other socio-economic injustices. Instead of viewing energy access from a single lens of technology or one-model-fits-all approach, SELCO envisions a favorable enabling environment for last mile delivery of energy solutions for the poor through holistic development of supporting technological, financial, and social ecosystem around energy access.

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