The Great Challenge of Companies for the Planet

Supported by an association whose president is Jean Jouzel, the Grand Défi is an unprecedented, large-scale citizen initiative dedicated to the ecological transition of companies.

An initiative of The Great Challenge of Companies for the Planet

Overview of the project

The Grand Défi is an unprecedented participatory initiative, with a national ambition, which will take place in 2022 and which aims to accelerate the ecological transition of companies by formulating, disseminating and implementing a hundred or so concrete, impactful, measurable and verifiable action proposals.

To achieve this objective, the Grand Défi proposes to associate the business world, economic players, organised civil society AND the local actors in a three-stage process:

  1. The Grand Consultation (from February 2022) will make it possible to collect the concerns, needs and proposals of the company’s stakeholders (economic, territorial and societal actors) but also to bring out their common interests.
  2. The Grand Deliberation (from May 2022) will bring together representatives of 150 companies chosen at random according to four criteria (size, sector of activity, geographical location, status). During the work of the Great Challenge, these representatives will be divided into three bodies (60 employees, 60 managers and 30 investors). They will meet six times in Paris and in the regions to discuss with experts and work as a collective to formulate a set of concrete proposals. At the end of the deliberations, they will submit the proposals to the stakeholders to reinforce the legitimacy of their proposals.
  3. The Grand Dissemination (from autumn 2022) will finally allow the implementation of the proposals adopted by the 150 deliberators AND validated by the Grand Challenge partners to be carried, disseminated and supported. An open source and collaborative website dedicated to the transition of companies will also be launched.

Facilitating the ecological transition of companies.

Level of progress


Project timeline

From 15/02/2022

Quantitative results

While waiting for the hundred or so proposals that the Great Challenge should enable to be formulated and implemented:

  1. More than 100 partners representing thousands of companies, but also associations, local authorities… And new partners who converge every week.
  2. 4500 hours of volunteer work to prepare the project
  3. 40 questions formulated for the Great Consultation which will be sent to thousands of business leaders, employees, associations, trade unions, collectives, elected representatives…
  4. 5 student associations involved in the process, i.e. over 50,000 members.
Qualitative results

The project deliverables will be of two types:

  1. An analysis of the company’s vision of the ecological transition, its obstacles and its levers (real or perceived) at the end of the Grand Consultation
  2. A hundred or so consensual proposals (companies and stakeholders) enabling the footprint of the French economy to be reduced through their collective implementation.

Corporate sponsors (e.g. Eiffage, Guerlain, Bouygues, Nestlé Waters, Harmonie mutuelle, Enedis...)

Public funds (e.g. French Office of Bioversity)
Local authorities (e.g. Nantes Métropole, Occitanie...)

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About the

The Great Challenge of Companies for the Planet

Virginie Raisson-Victor
Co-founder and spokesperson

Supported by an association whose president is Jean Jouzel, the Great Challenge is an unprecedented, large-scale citizens’ initiative dedicated to the ecological transition of companies and which already brings together more than 100 partners from the business world, the territories, organised civil society and public institutions.

To facilitate the ecological transition of companies, it proposes to formulate and accompany the implementation of 100 concrete, impactful and verifiable proposals that will contribute to the establishment of a sustainable economy for all.

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Other partners / supporters
  • ADEME, OFB, CDC Biodiversity, BPI (green cocks) (…) ;
  • Impact France, the CFDT, the coalitions (…) ;
  • EPE, the C3D, CJD, Orse, Orée, B Corp, DRO (…),
  • Nantes Métropole, Occitanie region (…)
  • WWF, FNH, Good Planet (…) ;
  • Time for the Planet, Solar Impulse (…) ;
  • Pour un réveil écologique, Together for earth (…) ;
  • Biomimexpo, Produrable (…) ;