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One Concession, One Tree

The Une Concession, Un Arbre environmental campaign is a project designed to raise awareness of environmental and adaptation issues.

An initiative of Group Meraja

Overview of the project

The Une Concession, Un Arbre campaign is an initiative that aims to respond to the environmental problems facing the world.

It is first and foremost a forum for raising awareness among the population (young women) through the media, caravans and direct contacts about the effects of climate change and human action.

Secondly, a framework for local reforestation, i.e. reforestation that takes place in the concessions while entrusting the management of the plant to the youngest members of the family in order to instil environmental education in them from an early age.

But also to reduce pollution by providing ecological bags and improved fireplaces, and butane gas, the use of which considerably reduces wood cutting. Finally, a work camp.


Contribute to reducing the vulnerability of natural systems and human populations to the effects of climate change in Burkina Faso

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

01/08/2024 - 06/08/2024

Quantitative results

The last edition enabled us to plant 306 trees in 300 concessions, to raise awareness among more than 200,000 young people and to train 75 young people in environmental issues, supported by green jobs. It was also an opportunity to reduce the abusive cutting of wood for firewood by granting 10 bottles of butane gas to 10 concessions and 25 concessions with ecological bags in order to considerably reduce the use of plastic bags by women for the market. Last but not least, it was a platform for religious leaders to make a commitment to the cause of the environment in their locality, together with their community.

Qualitative results

Changing attitudes
The commitment of the various religious communities to environmental issues
The commitment of administrative decision-makers
Training young people in citizenship and green jobs


Funds are raised internally and with the support of family and friends.

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The Une Concession, Un Arbre environmental campaign is a project designed to raise awareness of environmental and adaptation issues.
It puts the population at the heart of the action for more effective results. It is held once a year, and each year chooses a region to host it. It plans to tour the 13 regions of Burkina Faso to sow the new seed of hope.

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  • Association AGissons Maintenant


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