Le projet MOON vise à rendre l’inclusion énergétique, digitale et financière accessible à tous jusque dans les zones les plus reculées.

An initiative of MOON

Overview of the project

In Senegal, 70% of the rural population is without electricity. To light up, this population resorts to candles or kerosene lamps, solutions that are both expensive, dangerous and harmful to health, with women and children being the most exposed. At the same time, network problems and the high cost of acquiring a smartphone hinder access to information and digital technology, as well as economic development and education.
In this context, MOON proposes an integrated and innovative solution for energy and digital access, adapted to the needs of the off-grid population in West Africa:

  • Powerful, quality and guaranteed solar kits. A LED lamp in each room allowing to live, work and study in the best conditions. USB ports to charge your phone, your tablet, your flashlight, your radio… (energy inclusion)
  • MOON customers pay back their kits little by little in “Pay As You Go” and without moving, thanks to digital payment (“mobile money”). This is an opportunity to save and develop their professional activities (financial inclusion)
  • A “MoonPhone”: a Smartphone adapted to local uses that allow people to discover digital technology, to access development applications that work with a weak network and without an internet connection (education, health, business, citizenship…) and to improve their purchasing power. Controlled and supervised by an internal Supervision Platform, the MoonPhone is activated and deactivated remotely according to the client’s reimbursements (digital inclusion)
  • a network of agencies: they allow the storage and sale of MOON kits and are a place of exchange between MOON and its customers (last mile issue)

To make energy, digital and financial inclusion accessible to all, even in the most remote areas.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

04/01/2017 (Ongoing project)

Quantitative results

MOON has distributed more than 6500 solar kits and MoonPhones in Casamance.

Qualitative results
  • Customer satisfaction:
    100% successful installations and no support: the MOON kits are Plug & Play, easy to install and use, require no assistance thanks to the videos and local language support guide present in the MoonPhone.
    A quick learning curve on how to handle a smartphone, with a touchscreen for many new users: after a week, customers were comfortable with the device.
  • Social Impact:
    Increased security in equipped villages, expanded nighttime activities, job creation
    Community recognition of the role of women: women are direct clients of the Moon kit (the mobile money account is in their name), thus financial inclusion directly benefits the role of women within the family and the community.
    Development of income-generating activities by our individual clients.

    • An example:
  • Environmental impact
    Several thousand tons of carbon dioxide and black carbon avoided by reducing the use of kerosene lanterns

MOON raised €1.1 million at the end of 2020 from Business Angels and successfully completed two participatory loan campaigns in 2017 and 2020.
The company has also been selected by Ademe and AFD as part of their SolInAE call for projects "Innovative solutions for sustainable off-grid energy access".

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Morgane Vannier

MOON is committed to the energy and digital inclusion of rural African households by offering tailored products and services that are truly accessible, based on a pay-per-use system.

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