Communicating the importance of biodiversity through endogenous knowledge

Through field surveys and visits to elders, this project seeks to highlight ancient and endogenous knowledge in Senegal to conserve biodiversity.

An initiative of One Up Action Senegal

Overview of the project

For several decades, there has been increasing talk of the biodiversity crisis. Scientists have been warning for years about the collapse of biodiversity and the increasingly worrying disappearance of living species. Insects, mammals, but also birds, amphibians, marine animals are disappearing or are threatened, so much so that we are now talking about the 6th mass extinction.

In Africa or in most of the ancient civilizations, people depended directly on the resources that nature offered them. They knew from year to year how to exploit these resources while developing means that allowed them to live in perfect harmony with nature. This acquired knowledge was transmitted through generations. The goal of our project will therefore be to contribute to a better knowledge of the protection and conservation of biodiversity in Senegal.

Our project will aim to :

  • Popularize endogenous knowledge on ecology and biodiversity
  • Sensitize communities on the importance of biodiversity
  • Use indigenous knowledge and practices for biodiversity conservation
  • Encourage children and youth to become aware of the dangers of biodiversity loss

The objective is to strengthen the knowledge of biodiversity through idigenous knowledge among children and adults.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Quantitative results

Through field surveys and visits from elders, a document will be written and will be accompanied by spot messages and a book for children highlighting the knowledge that our grandparents used to conserve biodiversity.
The populations will be more receptive to the messages because they will come directly from the elders and will be put forward local and accessible techniques that will allow a better understanding of the importance of conserving biodiversity.

  • The messages will be published in social networks.
  • The children’s book will be offered to elementary schools.
  • The written document will serve as a basis for advocacy campaigns on the importance of biodiversity.

Qualitative results
  • Valorisation of indigenous knowledge
  • Promotion of indigenous culture
  • Better knowledge of natural resources
  • Understanding of the techniques used by the elders to conserve biodiversity

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About the

One Up Action Senegal

Alioune Sall

One Up Action Senegal is a national association fighting for the protection of the environment and the conservation of biodiversity. Its various activities revolve around training, reforestation, awareness raising and advocacy.

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Other partners / supporters
  • School and institutions
  • Religious leaders
  • Local people
  • Teachers