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“Le Terrier”, an eco-friendly flatshare

The flatshare named Le Terrier is a sustainable project initiated by 4 young creators from Antanananarivo. They came together with the aim to elaborate a living area in harmony with sustainable development principles. This project is an on-going success!

An initiative of Le Terrier

Overview of the project

60% of the population in Madagascar is less than 30 years old and country is currently going through a significant rural exodus. To be exact, 2.3 million people live in the capital. On top of this, Antananarivo is ranked amongst the Top 20 dirtiest cities in the world.

People in Madagascar also have to deal with increasing living costs which are a real issue for inhabitants.The population benefits from private and public funding but no sustainable projects are featured on the list.

Nevertheless, Madagascar is filled with a bright, young, dynamic and creative population. The participants from this project describe themselves as “The kings and queens of Low-Tech”.

This group of 4 young inhabitants of Madagascar decided to move in together and demonstrate that sustainable and resilient lifestyles are practicable and desirable alternatives.

This sustainable flat-share shows that being urban and eco-friendly really is possible! Every single person is able to contribute to the sanitation of their home and their neighborhoods.

This experience therefore promotes the initiative of sustainable and ecological living, daily.


Creating a sustainable living space, and promoting eco-friendly lifestyles

Level of progress

Pilote operation, experimentation

Project timeline

Since 1st May 2018

Quantitative results

The eco-flatshare built a solar water-boiler from recuperated materials such as plastic bottles, tins and aluminium. The participants followed free-to-access manuals created by the start-up Can’heat. The flatshare now lives without a fridge and is setting up a permaculture garden.

Multiple workshops and debates on various themes such as climate change and transforming masculinity have taken place there making this area an exchange hub and a meeting point. The flatshare has also welcomed Art workshops for children from the area.

The Facebook Page was launched in June 2018 and now has 670 “likes”.

Qualitative results

The project has started to become popular especially within local news media. The group have been invited to two different interviews for the newspaper as well as magazines.
The community surrounding the project is continuing to grow and the participants have announced that they hope to “inspire people around us to join the movement“!


Auto financing the project.

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Le Terrier

Jay Ralitera

Le Terrier is the name of this eco-flatshare located in the heart of Antananarivo. The organisation was formed in May 2018 when the group of young creators decided to launch the eco-friendly project.

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