“Fleur de Sel” – A radio show for ecological conversion

This project aims to contribute to ecological conversions thanks to the creation of a radio show. It's 55 minutes long and divided into 4 topics.

An initiative of Ecologie paroles de chrétiens, diocèse de Nantes

Overview of the project

The objective of this radio show is to enhance ecological conversion (promoted by Pope Francis).

The show is 55 minutes long and is divided into 4 topics :

  • a story or interview on local initiatives (20 mins)
  • a meditation on a part of the encyclical (3 mins)
  • an anlaysis of words used in ecology-related texts, presentation of the author and the book (20 mins)
  • a 4 minute sequence on local news (upcoming conferences, walks, events etc)

The production team has members from the ” Ecologie paroles de chrétiens du diocèse de Nantes” group. The radio shows first started in early October 2017 and were on St Francis,  biodiversity, farmers’ stories, green churches, collecting waste, sharing land, welcoming migrants, alternative Christmas …


Raising awareness to radio show listeners on ecological issues.

Level of progress


Project timeline

Since October 2017

Quantitative results

Some good feedback by email.

Qualitative results

Testimonies mainly on rural environments and support from other projects of the group like the Green Church and joint trainings with the ecological network for Christians.


No funding in particular, all radio shows are created and broadcasted thank to the work of volunteers.

About the

Ecologie paroles de chrétiens, diocèse de Nantes

Arnaud Du Crest
Radio show presenter
06 08 17 97 76

Group of Christians working on raising awareness on ecological issues within the training services of the Diocese of Nantes.