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Metropolitan Development Program

The Metropolitan Development Program in Mexico aims to prepare and develop the area with strategies of a sustainable city!

An initiative of Instituto Metropolitano de Planeación (IMEPLAN)

Overview of the project

The structure of the Metropolitan Development Program is made up of 5 strategic axes: a sustainable city, a safe and cohesive city, an equitable and leading city, a dignified and participative city, and a cultured, beautiful and recreational city.

The Program is an instrument that we have built with the help of the citizens of the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara. Version 1.0 of the PDM was presented on 2016, giving way to the second stage in the construction of such an instrument: the strategy of participatory planning. This strategy was developed during 4 months. Imeplan is currently working on the third and final version.

This Program includes a section on climate change, that will incorporate a GHG Inventory, a vulnerability diagnosis and strategies to achieve goals in order to mitigate GHG and to become a resilient city. The vulnerability diagnosis will be made in colaboration with SEMADET.


To define the strategies and goals that will shape the metropolitan policy

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline


Quantitative results

2 previous versions of de program

1 preliminar GHG inventory

Qualitative results

Numerous events to incorporate the diverse sectors of the population in the planning process of the metropolis.

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Instituto Metropolitano de Planeación (IMEPLAN)

Paulina Cervantes

The purpose of the Metropolitan Planning Institute (Instituto Metropolitano de Planeación y Gestión del Desarrollo del Área Metropolitana de Guadalajara) is to prepare and propose planning instruments for the correct and integral growth and development of the metropolitan area, along with studies and project proposals that help the same purpose.

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