Environmental leadership workshop in Chile

C.A.S is an organisation that helps educate people on environmental issues. The objective is to give workshop participants the tools they require to generate successful environmental campaigns.

An initiative of Collective of Sustainable actions ("Colectivo de Acciones Sustentables")

Overview of the project


The collective works on Environmental Sustainability through measurable and effective actions. They declare “We mobilize, help and provide people with the necessary leadership tools in order to transform ideas into successful campaigns”

The organisation’s efforts are focused on three main lines of operation:

  1. Reduction of plastic consumption
  2. Clean Energy
  3. Water conservation


To become an international organisation capable of producing successful active environmental campaigns in Latin America, ensuring a smaller human impact on natural resources and working directly an indirectly against the causes of climate change.


To give the participants the tools to generate successful environmental campaigns.

Level of progress


Project timeline

2016 - present

Quantitative results

The project has been implemented since 2016 and there are now six people working on environmental campaigns.

Qualitative results

Giving people the necessary tools for successful campaigns.


Self-financed and donations.

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About the

Collective of Sustainable actions ("Colectivo de Acciones Sustentables")

Victor Elgueta

“We work to counter plastic pollution, we want clean air and to protect the water.”

The C.A.S or Collective of Sustainable Actions was created in Coyhaique in Chile in response to the strong and growing need to generate change due to the actual environmental situation.

The organisation believes that it’s too late to create ideas for the long run, consequently, they have decided to search for good ideas for obtaining concrete, real and measurable change in order for it to be instant.


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