MOVING | MOuntain Valorisation through INterconnectedness and Green growth

AEIDL facilitates community-led innovation in areas like territorial development, employment, and social inclusion. We support peer learning, analyze EU policies, and advocate for increased support to community action for a citizen-centric Europe.

An initiative of AEIDL- European Association for Innovation in Local Development

Overview of the project

Mountains cover 36% of the European area and have an important role in the provision of public and private goods. Despite their relevance in both ecological and socioeconomic terms, we lack updated and comparable knowledge about many aspects of these regions affecting their management and sustainability.
A deeper understanding of how the context, trends and potential evolution of mountain communities, territories and businesses, is needed to design new policies that protect mountain areas from the existing threats of climate change, helping them to seize emerging opportunities.
Since 2020, 23 international partners – coordinated by the University of Cordoba (ES) piloted research-action activities across 23 Mountain Regions in Europe in order:
To develop a conceptual and analytical framework that describes and interprets the diversity of Mountain Value Chains and assesses their contribution to the sustainability and resilience of mountain areas and their population.
To study the configurations, strategies, dynamics, the value distribution of the value chains to assess their contribution to sustainability and resilience
To develop in-depth, participatory, critical benchmarking of clusters of Mountain Value Chains to identify enablers and blocking factors affecting the sustainability and resilience.
To carry out foresight exercises to capture and anticipate the long-term trends affecting mountain areas, co-constructing shared visions and strategies for a balanced mix of public and private goods.
To elaborate an evidence-based policy roadmap and design to include performance-based recommendations for policy interventions that enhance the connectivity, sustainability and resilience of mountain regions.
To establish a European-wide Community of Practice


MOVING aims to build capacities and co-develop – through a bottom-up participatory process that involves value chain actors, stakeholders and policy-makers – new or upgraded/upscaled value chains that contribute to the resilience and sustainability of mountain areas to climate change.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

01/09/2020- 31/08/2024

Quantitative results
  • Land use systems, land cover map, Land use systems vulnerability matrixes and vulnerability maps for the 23 reference regions
  • Report on Vulnerability and Resilience Performance of 23 Reference Region Value Chains
  • Comparative cross-case report on Mountain Value Chains
  • Monitoring and Evaluation from the 23 Mountain Value Chains
Qualitative results
  • A conceptual and analytical framework
  • Inventory of Mountain Value Chains and 23 In-Depth Case Study Analyses
  • Report on Vulnerability and Resilience Performance of 23 Reference Region Value Chains
  • Comparative cross-case report on Mountain Value Chains
  • Tools for science-society-policy interfaces
  • Youth Engagement Report across Mountain Value Chains
  • Global Upgrading Strategy of Mountain Value Chains
  • 23 Foresight Reports and EU Strategic Options for Mountain Value Chains
  • Policy briefs & Practice Abstracts with key lessons learnt from Mountain Value Chains

Financed by the European Union, under the H2020 research and innovation programme.

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AEIDL- European Association for Innovation in Local Development

Carla Lostrangio
Rural and Territorial Development Expert

AEIDL is an association that learns from and fosters community-led innovation in areas such as territorial development, employment, entrepreneurship, social inclusion, environment, climate action and green growth.
We add value by supporting and facilitating peer learning among local and national actors across Europe, analysing and evaluating relevant EU policies and advocating for enhanced support to community local action to help build a Europe for citizens.

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Other partners / supporters

MOVING is coordinated by the University of Córdoba, involving a multi-actor and interdisciplinary Consortium of 23 partner organisations (research centres and institutes, industry representatives, rural developers, and innovation agents), from across Europe, Serbia, North Macedonia and Turkey, that represent the diversity of mountain areas within the project.