RES – Respect for the Environment in Schools

UTI-DED wants to bring environmental protection into the family framework by intervening in schools in order to raise children's awareness in accordance with Agenda 21 and the "Role of children and young people in the promotion of sustainable development."

An initiative of UTI-DED

Overview of the project

Activists in the environmental sector, UTI-DED aims to refocus the role of the family in the protection of environment. UTI-DED wants to raise awareness and support children, adolescents and young people, women and men to become more involved in environmental protection in order to promote sustainable development for all.

The UTI-DED association has initiated its first RES project “Respect for the Environment in the School Environment” in order to respond to chapter 25 of Agenda 21 entitled ‘Role of children and young people in the promotion of sustainable development.’


Promote environmental and sustainable development education.

Level of progress

Ongoing research

Project timeline

1/1/2016- 12/31/2025

Quantitative results

The target population (children, adolescents and young people) comes from 20 school complexes each with a minimum of 250 pupils.

Qualitative results

REMS is and continues to be a flagship project that has attracted the attention of many people, and the population is proud of the initiative taken towards them that has given the beginning of the sub-programme: ” One student – One vegetable garden.”


The project is initially financed by the idea promoter and their accounting firm Fac Services Scp.

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UTI-DED promotes environmental and sustainable development education for children, adolescents and young people in order to raise their awareness and make them eco-responsible.

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